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The MOLAM Group

The Molam Group, consisting of two service companies and one manufacturing company, was founded in 1970 for oil companies in the North Sea. Since 1978, The Molam Group assists companies located outside of the European Community as well.


The three companies are integrated. For example, the inspection company assists the supply company in the inspection of material. The supply company assists the manufacturing company in purchasing and marketing. The inspection company assists both the manufacturing and supply company with engineering and project management.


The oldest company of the group, Molam oilfield supply, is a professional organization specialized in technical procurement. The company handles a large range of technical material used by chemical and petrochemical companies and other heavy industries. A sophisticated supply chain management system is in use. Turnkey procurement is possible.


The inspection agency, Molam international, is capable of design, engineering, commissioning and inspection.


The third company, Molam manufacturing, established in 2000, is specialized in the manufacturing of hot oil circulating units. Boilers, pressure vessels, and new products are represented.

Manufacturing of hot oil circulating units. Boilers, pressure vessels

MOLAM Manufacturing

Technical procurement

MOLAM Oilfield Supply bv

Design, engineering and commissioning, and inspection.

The MOLAM Group

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