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Hot Oilers

Hot oil circulating units are engineered, fabricated, installed and commissioned by Molam Manufacturing.

In some regions of the world, crude oil contains a considerable amount of paraffin. When reaching the surface during E+P operations, this paraffin coagulates, thereby decreasing the production of the well flow.

These hot oilers are designed to heat oil and therefore melt paraffin which otherwise may cause stoppage in oil well flow lines and tubing.

The units are skid-mounted for offshore work but can also be truck or trailer mounted. The process is performed without pulling the tubing from the well, thereby enhancing average production.

They are designed to allow high pressure pumping operations and can be adapted to make steam for cleaning and injection. Burner/Heater configurations run from 3.5 MBTUH to 20 MBTUH, with pumping pressure to 15,000 PSI.

The installation is designed to warm up to 180 Deg F / 100 Deg °C as a standard range. Higher temperatures are possible.

A typical Skid-Mounted unit is 8 X 2.50 X 2.50 meters and weights 14 tons. Each hot oiler is custom made to client specification. Molam’s engineers can provide technical advice for individual situations.