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MOLAM Manufacturing

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels and auxiliary equipment manufactured by Molam and its partners are available in carbon steel/low alloy, carbon steel with clad, stainless steel, copper nickel materials and high temperature materials.

Wall thickness: the minimum and maximum dimensions of the wall thickness in carbon steel and carbon steel with clad are 18-200 MM; in stainless steel 12-100 MM; in Copper Nickel and higher temperature materials, 10-100 MM.

The maximum dimensions are :

- Diameter : 7000 MM

- Length : 70 MTR

- Height : 18 MTR

- Weight : 200 Tons

Codes and qualifications include:


Asme V111 DIV. 1&2

U, U2, R and S stamps.

ANSI B31.3

AD Merkblaetter

HPO/EN 729


BS 5500


Additional equipment includes Columns, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Skid Mounted Units, Modules, Pressure Piping and Swivel Stacks.