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Procedures and Procurement

In its role as intermediary, Molam maintains standards equal to those of its suppliers and clients.


Therefore, the company can assure its partners of a superior quality supply process. Hundreds of products from Western Europe and USA suppliers are represented.

A manufacturer’s list is available upon request. E-mail your request to molam@molamonline.com.

Communication: clients receive a commercial and a technical proposal. Technical documentation is provided as support and clients are able to obtain additional advice from Molam’s engineers. Several languages spoken in-house facilitate clear communication with suppliers and end-users.

Active Orders: orders are clearly defined and remain active. Pending orders are updated regularly and the client advised accordingly.  A computerized tracking and tracing system is used.

Deliveries: a close watch is kept on delivery times. Orders can be turned around and shipped within 8 hours.

Inspection: 20% to 30% of all material delivered to Molam is not in accordance with the written order.  Because an inspection team physically checks material, discrepancies are identified and inconsistencies corrected before shipment to the end destination.

End control: after inspection, material is properly packed to ISPM 15 standards and the method of transportation defined.  Certification requirements are reviewed. Clients are advised of shipping date and expected arrival date.