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Project Management

A project manager is selected in accordance with the particular expertise required for the work to be performed. A scope of work is prepared, along with a technical evaluation, for presentation to the client.

After engineers are selected, decisions are made on job responsibilities. The project manager coordinates these segments and submits progress reports on a regular basis to the client.

Due to the multi-lingual environment of the company, every effort is made to present written reports in the language most suitable for the client. As a minimum and depending upon the length of the project involved, formal written reports are prepared before commencing, at 50% completion, and after completion.

For the project management of a boiler refit, for example, Molam's responsibilty may include a registration and proposal of solutions, the expected time frame and cost estimation, both of which are closely monitored, communication between the engineering staff and client, support for the engineers including technical support, procurement and logistics support, the planning and implementation of inspections by Molam's inspectors and/or any other third party inspection agencies, organization of the required commissioning and certification requirements, final evaluation, recommendations, and final report.