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The Team

An energetic team coached by capable management provides a working culture in which

excellence is an accepted norm. To be of use to its customers, Molam Oilfield Supply

needs to provide optimal service. This can best be accomplished when a dedicated and

motivated staff believes in the company’s goals and puts customers in first place.

A company’s most valuable assets are its employees.  In an era in which fast decision-making is essential, only with a nucleus of trained managers is it possible to achieve the

dynamism required.

Molam’s employees are trained on concepts, not on incidents. This work environment creates an enhanced learning curve enabling employees to reach innovative

conclusions and apply them directly.  

Brainstorming and open communications are standard management practices encouraging  a shared responsibility in keeping the company creative without losing its accuracy.   

An open system makes it possible for each customer to be helped quickly by a member of the team.